Substantiation Parameters of Gripping Devices of Industrial Robots and Methods of Manipulation of Flexible Objects


Gripping and manipulating non-rigid and porous objects is an important challenge for manufacturing, which many scientists are currently engaged in. Now there are many problems in handling non-rigid (textile) materials from a stack or oriented in space. The goal of this project is to development of gripping devices, their control systems and manipulation methods for non-rigid objects. Such grippers and new methods of manipulation would allow to automate manufacturing where non-rigid objects are used. In addition, important aspects are the use of household robotic systems with the ability to grasping and manipulate a flexible object, which is practically not used now due to its complexity.


This project was supported in part by the U.S. Department of State (DOS), Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), Exchange Visitor Program #G-1-00005 with the cooperation of the Institute of International Education (IIE) under Fulbright Grant PS00322778.


  • Department of Robotics Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA).
  • Texas Robotics, The University of Texas at Austin (USA).
  • Department of Automation Technological Processes and Manufacturing, Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University (Ukraine).


Manipulation Materials

MaterialsCoefficientWeightThicknessMicroscopy (x20 and x150) Keyence VHX-70000
  of friction[g/cm*cm][mm] 
  with GD   
8Satin (100% Polyester)0.00.0080.15
9Poly Cotton (65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton)0.390.010.19
10Cotton (80% Polyester/ 20% Cotton)0.390.0120.2
11600Denier Cordura Outdoor Canvas Waterproof Fabric0.390.030.37

Cover from which the object is grasping

SurfacesDurometerCoefficient of friction with Materials № 8Coefficient of friction with Materials № 9Coefficient of friction with Materials № 10Coefficient of friction with Materials № 11
1Multipurpose Neoprene Rubber50A0.470.530.590.57
2Multipurpose Neoprene with Crisscross Texture50A1.491.942.141.71

Multipurpose Neoprene


  • Grasping non-rigid (textile) materials using a vacuum suction cup.
  • Grasping non-rigid (textile) materials using the proposed gripping device.


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