Experimental Research of the Manipulatiom Process by the Objects Using Bernoulli Gripping Devices


Recommended citation: R. Mykhailyshyn, V. Savkiv, M. Mikhalishin, F. Duchon, (2017). “Experimental Investigations of the Dynamics of Contactless Transportation by Bernoulli Grippers.” In Young Scientists Forum on Applied Physics and Engineering, International IEEE Conference. 8 – 11. doi: 10.1109/YSF.2017.8126583.

Abstract: The reducing of energy consumption for transportation and manipulation of industrial objects is a topical issue. The objects of manipulation are gripped with the use of industrial robot and transported from one position to another. In gripping devices, the lifting force is created on the basis of the aerodynamic effect of lifting appearing due to the use of compressed air. The efficiency of functioning of such devices significantly depends on the compressed air expenses to preserve the balance of the object of manipulation as to the gripping device while transporting it. That is why the issue of defining optimal orientation of gripping device has arisen, It should ensure uninterrupted transportation of the object of manipulation at minimal expenses of the compressed air under different transport conditions (predetermined trajectory, movement velocity and acceleration).