Optimization of design parameters of Bernoulli gripper with an annular nozzle


Recommended citation: V. Savkiv, R. Mykhailyshyn, P. Maruschak, L. Chovanec, E. Prada, I. Virgala, O. Prentkovskis, (2019). “Optimization of design parameters of Bernoulli gripper with an annular nozzle.” Transport Means - Proceedings of the International Conference. 423 - 428. doi: Download the paper.

Abstract: Functional application advantages of the contactless Bernoulli grippers with an annular nozzle at robotization of handling operations are presented in the current paper. The method of calculation of power characteristics of Bernoulli grippers is presented as well. Computational modeling of dynamics of air flow in the camera, an annular nozzle of Bernoulli gripper and in a radial interval between its active surface and a surface of a flat object of transportation is for this purpose carried out. Modeling is carried out in the environment of computing hydraulic gas dynamics of AnsysCFX with use of SST of γ-model of turbulence. For increase in power characteristics of Bernoulli grippers’ options of constructive improvement of a form of an annular nozzle and its active surface are offered. What is more, the results of computational modeling of Bernoulli grippers with different design data are presented, contrastive analysis of constructions is carried out.