Gripping devices of industrial robots for manipulating offset dish antenna billets


Recommended citation: V. Savkiv, R. Mykhailyshyn, P. Maruschak, I. Diahovchenko, F. Duchon, Ľ. Chovanec, V. Hutsaylyuk, (2020). “Gripping devices of industrial robots for manipulating offset dish antenna billets.” 13th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies in Logistics and Mechatronics Systems, ITELMS 2020. 71 – 79. Download the paper.

Abstract: Invention proposes special gripping device of industrial robot for loading flat metal sheets into press and unloading of stampedplates of offset mirror antennas. The device is a T-shaped frame with three Bernoulli gripping devices pivotally mounted thereon.Design diagrams and analytical dependencies are presented for calculation of required load capacity of Bernoulli gripping devices.In the Ansys-CFX software environment, numerical simulation of air flow dynamics in the gap between the cooperating Bernoulligripping device surfaces and the offset mirror antenna plate blank. The simulation was based on the Navier-Stokes average afterReynolds equations of viscous gas dynamics, the SST model of turbulence, and the γ model of laminar-turbulent transition. As aresult of the simulation, the effect of the curvature radius of the surface of the plates of offset mirror antennas on the Bernoulligripping device power characteristics was determined.