Bernoulli Grippers for Manipulating Flexible Objects and 3D Printing of Nozzle Elements of Grippers


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Abstract: Gripping and manipulation of flexible materials by industrial robots encourage the use of high-cost handling systems. The use of Bernoulli grippers is underestimated for solving local problems of gripping and manipulating flexible objects. I propose a new design of the Bernoulli gripper to handle flexible and porous (textile) materials. The proposed design of the gripper has many advantages, and the most important advantage is grasping flexible objects from a great distance at different positions and orientations. We also consider the influence of input parameters on the power characteristics of the gripper. Another component of the study is prototyping Bernoulli gripping devices using additive technologies of FDM 3D printing. The analysis is carried out on the influence of printing parameters on the power characteristics of Bernoulli grippers. Finally, I will present an experimental method of studying the pressure distribution on the surface of the object of manipulation.